The Hospital Gilles de Corbeil enjoys a bucolic setting, located along the Seine with large green areas. As remote sites such as “Les Moulins” in Boissy and “Bois-Bûchet” in Lessac that have found a great audience in the artistic and design worlds, the Gilles de Corbeil Hospital site will be one of the most innovative creation  spaces with more than 2000 m2 dedicated to design and creative arts. This place will host design professionals, students, amateurs, and the general public. They will have two spaces to go to: the Boiler Room and the Acionna House.


The Boiler Room will be a space of production, learning and conception for designers. It will be a high place of creation around manual disciplines that require important equipment such as founding or cabinetmaking. The Boiler Room will also have a material library and a stocking facility that can be visites called the “Stock Museum” where reserves or the most prestigious museums and theaters will be accessible to the general public.


Last but not least, the Acionna House, located at the very center will be the commercial and the “get together” area of the program with a boutique-gallery presenting decorative arts collections, alongside a bar and an art/design themed restaurant.


Acionna, La Chaufferie (Atelier Xavier Bohl)


Inspiration pour le StockMusée