The challenge of Le Grand Réservoir association with the grouping of Altarea-Cogedim – Maison Edouard François on the project was twofold: firstly, managing the issue of the joint ownership of the programme with Bicêtre Hospital was necessary, and the consequential obligations of confidentiality; secondly also realigning the identity of the municipality around a new hospital approach.


Le Grand Réservoir’s response is that of Hospitalité: a venue created from the intimate relationship between the commune of Kremlin Bicêtre and Bicêtre Hospital. The concept sets the  housing, offices and businesses programme, at the foot of the station of the future Paris Grand Express train, like an access to a decompression chamber, an accessible weightlessness.

Le Grand Réservoir, as operator of the top three floors of this inhabited tree, designed by architect Edouard François, and illuminated by  artist Yann Kersalé, proposes an extension of the hospital’s thinking around listening, sharing, and social encounters. This space is for patients, visitors and hospital staff, but it is also the associative fabric of the hospital.


This venue embodies a new form of solidarity, and urban proposal of well-being, which makes it possible to build a neighbourhood between the residents of the municipality and the hospital world.

Inspiration – quán cafe trên cao ở, Hanoï

Inspiration – Café Zenji, Marseilles
L’Hospitalité – perspective