The Paris-Saclay Cluster, a Greater Paris project, positions the Plateau as the French centre of scientific and technological innovation, in line with the American Silicon Valley. It brings together Paris-Saclay University, comprising 18 of the best French universities (including École Polytechnique, Central Supelec, HEC, CNRS, CEA, ENS), and the R&D centres of large companies, and incubators for the start-up ecosystem. This Grand Campus is modern and attractive.



The challenge of Le Grand Réservoir partnership with EPAPS is twofold. Firstly, it aims to create a “neighbourhood” component between the different players of the Plateau: students, university staff, researchers, professionals, and residents of Gif-sur-Yvette and neighbouring towns. Secondly, it aims create a point of convergence for students from different schools, and ensure the cohesion of the entire urban plateau.


Le Grand Réservoir settles in the Point F, the central building of the campus with its totemic architecture, and plans for it to be a venue for exchange and meeting around the Sharing of Knowledge. It will be a place to get together with friends, learn, share, work, enjoy culture, and meet economic players with restaurants and residential areas.

Credit – Jacob Lund Photography

Le Point F, au coeur du campus de Paris Saclay


Le Point F – First project draft for central space