The creation of this new 360,000 m² district aims to forge urban continuity between Paris and Charenton-le-Pont. Lying between the Boulevard Périphérique (the Paris ring road) and the A4 expressway and still relatively unknown to the general public, this area is seeking to become a dynamic force in eastern Paris in the near future.


The Cluster of Virtual Worlds in the east of Paris

Le Grand Réservoir, in partnership with Cap Digital, has initiated the creation of the largest European cluster of virtual worlds and the creation of digital imaging. This Cluster will bring together the stakeholders in the virtual creation industries – large corporations, start-ups, schools and research centers. Special effects, 3D animation, virtual or augmented reality, the virtual worlds sector is characterized by a multitude of players of various sizes that need to be brought together. These industries of creation and digital technology will set the tone and give color to the new Charenton district. The Cluster will host about one hundred companies and promote the creation of around 15,000 jobs.


France – a pioneer in virtual imaging

France is recognized as a pioneer in the virtual imaging industry in all areas where such images are used, including special effects, animated films and video games, but also CAD and medical imaging. This market comprises a new economy and new uses that will revolutionize our everyday lives. All these reasons breathe meaning into this innovative project, which will give an added dimension to the Métropole du Grand Paris plan. The development to the east of the future digital imaging cluster in Charenton will complete the historical production and distribution center in the west of Paris and the film sets and studios in St Denis in the north.


The project was massively published in the French and international press, in particular in : Le Monde, Le Parisien, Le Moniteur, Dezeen, Architectural Digest


Absolver, a game developed by the promising young French studio, SloClap


With a 5-billion dollar global market in 2016 and 120 billion in 2025, virtual reality is an ongoing revolution


Computer Aided Design is a 2-billion dollar large market


The purpose of the new quarter (350,000 m²) is to forge urban continuity between Paris and Charenton-le-Pont


On the edge of the Boulevard Périphérique (the Paris ring road), the Virtual Worlds Cluster will be the largest European cluster dedicated to the virtual creation industries